About Habshan Trading Company, LLC

  • Habshan Trading Company, LLC is a 100% locally-owned company established in 1975 by the Al-Mazrouie family.
  • HTC’s formation coincided with the start of the “Habshan Gas Project” which is located in the Eastern Province – 150 km from Abu Dhabi. It was the founders‘ feeling that the two events were symbolically linked and they decided to give the same name to the company.
  • HTC was originally dealing in General Trading due to the structure of Abu Dhabi’s economy at that time. The U.A.E. had only recently become a federation and was on the verge of development. Everything was in demand, from consumer products to industrial machinery. HTC was able to meet the customer’s needs due to the General Trading activities pursued.
  • By 1978, as the U.A.E. economy was developing rapidly, specialisation was the order of the day. The management chose to concentrate on supplying to the burgeoning Oil and Gas industry. It was the obvious choice at that time due to the oil boom. HTC quickly progressed and affirmed its position among the top 10 companies supplying the Oil industry in Abu Dhabi.
  • As part of HTC’s strategy of recognising the needs of it’s customers, a new service was introduced, whereby the overhaul of major rotating equipment was undertaken at various sites throughout the region.
  • This service was further extended to include the refurbishment of turbo machinery components utilizing specialist repair techniques.
  • Many overhauls and repairs, covering a wide range of different makes of turbines and compressors, have been successfully completed based on the close cooperation of HTC and its principals.