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When I look into the past and remember how Habshan was three decades back,  and how it is now, I find very clear evidence on what sincere will to work and continuous improvement can do. It is true that we were, and are,  the pioneers in Abu Dhabi,  as other people were also. But we did not want to stay just where we were and enjoy being one of the pioneers.  On the contrary, we determined ourselves to continue being pioneers in all that we do. And we are here today, with our work being extended to cover many neighboring countries. We are proud to say that our reputation has grown and it has put us in the top level of the specialized companies. If there is credit due to anyone, in all that we have achieved, then it is to our principals, customers and the sincere on- going efforts of my colleagues.   On behalf of all of them, I extend my thanks and gratitude; promising them that Habshan will continue on the same professional, specialized and honest way of conducting business! A. Haddad